24 Jan

Hi. I am Shalini, a young 23-year-old girl working as an Escort in Jaipur. I belong to a lower middle-income group family. My father worked as a supervisor in a factory. His income was not sufficient to make ends meet for the family, let alone pay the fees of college for me. In such a scenario, I had no other option but to find a job to help my family. I was not getting a good job as I did not have a college degree on my hands. I am good-looking with a curvy body to catch the attention of all men around me. I was approached by one of my acquaintances to work as an escort. After some deliberation, I said yes as the offer was too tempting to decline. 

My initiation as a Jaipur escort

I still remember the day when I went to attend my first client. He was a man in his thirties and was quite drunk. He just wanted to enjoy bodily pleasures. I was pretty nervous as it was for the first time in my life that I was in a hotel room with a strange man. I recall that there were no emotions involved and I went into bed with my client like a robot. He played with my curves and indulged in lovemaking for a while. As he was not in his senses, it did not take him long to burst into an orgasm after which he fell asleep. He had booked me for 3 hours and already paid my charges. I got up and went out of the room after putting on my clothes. I was happy that I had earned Rs 3000 for doing virtually nothing. This is how my journey as a Jaipur escort started. 

Jaipur Escorts

I began to enjoy my work as a Jaipur escort

I was barely 19 when I started working as an escort. I began to enjoy all the pleasures involved with this profession. Jaipur Escorts are highly paid and there is no shortage of work for them. Pink City remains abuzz with the activities of tourists from all parts of the world all around the year. Spending around a hundred dollars for adult fun with a gorgeous woman is no big deal for foreigners. I find this job fulfilled and comfortable. All I have to do is to spend some time and give romantic company to my client. I could easily save lakhs of Rupees in my saving account in the very first year of working as an escort in Jaipur.

I learned the tricks of the trade as an escort in Jaipur

Once I began to enjoy my work, working as an escort in Jaipur became child’s play for me. I realized that men were thirsty for not just sex but some love and care from beautiful women. I take pride in my hospitality skills and try to keep my customers happy with my performance and behavior. I give so much love to my men that they come back to me whenever they are in Jaipur.

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