24 Jan

Delhi receives hundreds of thousands of tourists from all parts of the world every year. A lot of these tourists are men desirous of bodily pleasures in the company of a beautiful female. It is not a surprise to see the escort business flourishing in Delhi. However, you are wrong if you think it is easy for a woman to earn money easily by becoming an Delhi Escorts. There is cutthroat competition among women here to catch the attention of their customers. In this article, I will talk about the creative ways I use to impress my clients. 

I focus on foreplay as a Delhi escort

Foreplay is the most important element of lovemaking. As an escort in Delhi, I feel that it is the quality of foreplay that decides the level of satisfaction obtained by a client. Many escorts ignore the role of foreplay while dealing with their clients. As a result, their clients do not feel happy and fresh. They are not likely to remember the name of the escort, leave alone hiring her again when they are in Delhi the next time. Foreplay is a great appetizer which can lead to wild sex on bed later on. There are all sorts of adult games that can be used in foreplay to excite a man. I touch the erogenous zones in the body of my client to find out the way that can be used to make him moan with pleasure. It is not a surprise to find that my clients become horny and ready for a grueling action in bed later on.

Delhi Escorts

I give my men orgasmic pleasure through blowjob as a Delhi escort

 A blowjob is a trick that has the power to bring down to knees any man. It can recharge the dead batteries of a man so quickly that even you will be surprised with the results. I often come across men who are either tired or face lots of problems in their professional or personal lives. These men cannot get an erection to indulge in lovemaking with their escort, even if she is beautiful and curvy. 

This is where a blowjob comes in handy for Delhi escorts like me. I have perfected the art of a blowjob through experience. I know when to increase the speed and when to slow down. I also know how to roll my tongue around the tip of the manhood of a man to make him go wild with pleasure. 

Clients forget everything else and begin to moan in pleasure as I grab their tool and suck it dry in a slow but steady manner.

I have many other tricks up my sleeve as an Escort in Delhi. I can make a client interested in me by indulging in role playing adult games. I become a nurse and ask my client to play the role of a patient. I excite him through a revealing outfit and my skills as a masseur to give orgasmic pleasure to him.

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